All You Need to Know About the Process and Benefits of Notarization

For legal documents, everyone wants the paperwork to be valid. Hence, one must notarize documents. A reputed notary in Surrey bears the responsibility of this. He or she attests and vets a document. Let us know about the process of notarization in detail.

What is notarization?

Notarization refers to examining the validity of a legal document. It is carried out by a certified notary public. A notary’s seal and signature are crucial. If satisfied with the document, a notary attests it. It proves the credibility of a legal document. A notary can also function as an arbitrator. Further, he or she can construct wills and affidavits.

Notarization can be carried out for both individuals and corporations. A notary authority is said to authenticate signatures rather than documents. Various individuals and agencies can provide these services. Post offices and banks can act as notaries. Further, court clerks and county commissioners can also carry out the duties.

Documents required for notarization

If you want to apply to a notary in Surrey for verification, you must furnish a few documents. All documents must bear a photograph of the applicant. Although it can vary from country to country, the usual documents required are:

• Current passport of the applicant
• Driving license of the applicant
• Any other relevant document (Such as an individual’s bus pass or employee pass)

Why is notarization necessary?

Certain documents must be mandatorily notarized by law. However, it is often seen as a compulsion. The process must not be avoided for your benefit. By notarizing a document, you can guarantee the legal validity of it. A notary’s stamp signifies that a document is not fraudulent.

Notarization helps in preventing fraudulent activities. This can include counterfeit and forgery. Usually, legal parties involved in any transaction need to sign the documents in front of a notary. Hence, the notary can confirm that the right person approved the papers. This helps in weeding out any signature duplication. Thus, it comes in handy in money and property-related transactions.

Therefore, it is essential to get your documents notarized by a reliable notary. Sale agreements, wills, and affidavits are some of the documents that need notarization. Notary Public can help you in this regard. They provide you with the best notarization services in case of all legal documentation processes at affordable prices.

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