Is It Possible to Notarise, a Document on Behalf of a Family Member?

Notarising a specific legal document is often a part of our day-to-day lives. Although it doesn’t happen daily, at a certain point in life, we often come across a situation that calls for the notarisation of a specific document. Notaries have legally validated certificates of a particular legal or financial transaction, and are done by […]

What is a Notary Public? What Are Its Uses?

Notary Public refers to a specialized solicitor who has the required education or degree that is useful in helping people in legal matters. To maintain the simple terms, all the notaries claim themselves as solicitors and commissioners for the oath. If you look out, you will notice that all the notaries are situated within the […]

Is It Possible for A Notary Public to Certify an Unattested Signature?

A notary public is a law officer recognised by the government. One of their chief duties is to verify the identity of the person who is a witness when required. This helps in the process of verification and authentication of public documents and other necessary paperwork. A notary acts as an impartial witness. Getting a […]