Getting Married Overseas in 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

Getting married overseas is increasingly becoming popular among couples. But what are the legal requirements for getting married abroad?

How Can You Legally Get Married Overseas?

You must confirm that your marriage is considered legal in the UK. You also need to contact the respective local authorities to get advice about the legal requirements in that country. You must have all the documents and fulfil all the legal processes. Some forms may require legalising while others will be easily eligible for legal processing.

Legal Requirements and Documents Needed for Getting Married Overseas

You need to follow the legal process of the country you are planning to settle in after marriage. Your marriage must be considered legal in that country as well as the UK. Some of the legal requirements for getting married overseas are —

• Bring the required documents with you
• Ensure that the documents are certified, translated or legalised if required
• Meet the requirements of the country’s legal residency laws
• Comply with same-sex marriage laws if any and minimum age requirements

You may be required to carry the following set of documents while getting married abroad

• Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months gap before the expiry
• Birth Certificates of both the parties
• Deed poll proof in case of people who have changed their name
• Decree absolute in cases of divorced parties
• If you are a widow, you will need your spouse’s death certificate and marriage certificate.
• Two copies of CNIs (Certificates of No Impediment) from the UK government

Many documents may require notarisation, apostille stamp and further legalisation for getting married abroad.

Countries Where You Can Get Legally Married

Italy, USA, Denmark, Cyprus, New Zealand, Gibraltar are some of the most popular counties to get married. They have easy legal requirements and fewer restrictions.

How Can Notary Agencies Help You with Getting Married Abroad?

Notary services include activities related to translation, document legalisation for different countries. You will get all support to gather documents required to get married abroadand make sure they’re rightly translated and certified for the country you have chosen.

Peter Long Notary Public offers notary services, document legalisation and translation for several countries. They will ensure that all your documents are duly certified for legal acceptance. They will gather your documents and complete all levels of legalisation following the legal requirements of the specified country.