Is It Possible to Notarise, a Document on Behalf of a Family Member?

Notarising a specific legal document is often a part of our day-to-day lives. Although it doesn’t happen daily, at a certain point in life, we often come across a situation that calls for the notarisation of a specific document. Notaries have legally validated certificates of a particular legal or financial transaction, and are done by a certified and qualified notary public in Kingston.

Notarizing for a family member: A common query

Most people do not have in-depth knowledge about the process and details of notarizing a document. What needs to be done, where it is done, who can do it, who does it and what it costs are some of the most common queries posed to a notary public. Amongst these queries, another common question of people is that if they can notarise a document on behalf of their family members?

That being said, or asked, people often choose this option, as it is a natural alternative, and with our daily schedules being hectic, we don’t get enough time for this legal procedure. One of the prime reasons behind the question is that some family members have connections and can get discounts from a notary public in Kingston while notarising a particular document.

Notarising on behalf of a family member is sensitive as well as a complicated matter. Any person opting for this choice, cannot just choose it because of convenience and discounts. They must also be well-informed about all the legalities and the grey areas associated with the procedure.

Should a notary public in Kingston notarize a document for a family member?

If the above question needs to have a clear answer, it is certainly a no.

The reason being, often there is duplicity involved in some form or the other in availing such options. There is a high chance for someone being involved in the deal and getting financially benefitted by it. There might also arise a conflict of interest which might later lead to legal ramifications to the bearer.

That being said, the field of law always has some grey areas. Although we recommend not to notarize a document on behalf of a family member, a notary public can provide you with better recommendations and solutions, advising about what you can or cannot do within the legal binding.