What are the Technological Requirements for Remote Online Notarisation?

Remote Online Notarisation might cause stress amongst many citizens. However, with a little bit of effort, it is a very straight forward process. The process might appear to be lengthy and complicated for those who are not savvy with technology.

If you are an individual notary, make sure to establish a relationship with an approved RON (Remote Online Notarisation) service provider. They will provide you with adequate guidance to conduct the process smoothly.

Here are a few requirements to remember if you are opting for online notarisation. Over the years, this process of a notary in Kent has gained traction.

Fast and Dependable Connection

This is one of the most important aspects to ensure the notarisation process is conducted in a hassle-free manner. The notary and the concerned signer must be able to hear, see and communicate clearly during the process. Thus, to achieve a smooth process, fast and dependable internet connection is essential.

Recording of the process

It is important to remember the entire process must be recorded and archived. Thus sufficient audio clarity and video resolution are essential. It is also necessary to take security measures to prevent any unauthorised access. This applies to both the live transmission and the recording.

E-Notary Journal

In the case of remote online notaries, the documentation process is different. It is essential to record and document the notarial act in the electrical journal. These journals will be provided to you by your online notary service provider.

Proofing tools

In traditional notarisation notaries can physically examine the identity proofs. But in this case, the procedure is different. Since it’s online, one has to go through three steps analysis.

Since the entire process takes place online, these audio/visual documents must be stored properly. It is also required to be backed up. Notaries must use technologies and platforms which comply with their state laws.

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