What is a Notary Public? What Are Its Uses?

Notary Public refers to a specialized solicitor who has the required education or degree that is useful in helping people in legal matters. To maintain the simple terms, all the notaries claim themselves as solicitors and commissioners for the oath. If you look out, you will notice that all the notaries are situated within the office of a solicitor. The main work of a notary is to authenticate documents, witnessing signatures, preparing copies of paperwork, and so on. Within the UK, the main job of notaries is mostly about signing or attesting your documents. So, if you require legalization in any documented form, then you must contact a notary in Surrey.

What is the Role of a Notary Public?

Usually, most of your official papers get done by a regular solicitor. Still, there are times when you might need a notary to get some of your particular official works done, such as the power of attorney documents, declaration and other deeds. These are the types of official paper works that require help from a notary public. If you need signing a document that belongs from overseas, then it must be done under the observation of a notary public. So, if any of your paper requires the observance of a notary public, then you should get in touch with a trusted one.

How is Legalization by Apostille connected with Notary Public?

Once an official paper is done with the signing by the notary public or the solicitor, it becomes ready for an apostille or a certification in simple terms. By adding the apostille certificate with the main document, it gets available for use outside the country as well. This implies that the process of making your documents accepted internationally is called an apostille. Only the countries that are a member of the Hague convention will be valuing your documents under this scenario.

How does a postilling work?

The steps that you have to go through for apostilling by a notary public might seem complicated, but they are not. Here they go:

• You must submit one copy of your document overseas.
• After that, the solicitor or the notary public will run a background test on your documents and you as well.
• A notary in Surrey always sign your documents and also addresses the reason for signing it.
• Then the apostille confirms the existence of the solicitor or the notary public and puts a seal on it.
• And that’s how your documents get accepted outside the UK.