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Learn About the Responsibilities of A Notary Surrey

A notary public Surrey is responsible for performing specific and relevant legal documentation and formalities.

Functions of a Notary Public Kingston

A reputed and reliable notary public Surrey is responsible for preparing, attesting, authenticating, and certifying legal documents, under his official seal and signature as an acting notary. He/she is supposed to examine the place of origin and the place of exhibition of any such occurrence. Further, it is a notary's responsibility to check the evidence of any matter attested, referred to, or confirmed to relevant national authorities or the public. The position of a notary public in any country is revered and held to high accountability. Usually, a document that bears the official and signature of an authorised notary is considered to be fair and valid.

Notaries are expected to be reliable, responsible, and unbiased legal officers in every part of the world. Although subject to change depending on the country of origin, some of the standard documentation required for notarial functions are:

1. Proof of administering Declarations and Oaths.
2. Attesting Signature as well as Document Execution.
3. Authentication of the Execution and Contents of Documents.
4. If required, security and verification of relevant Document Translation via a verified Translator.

As per legal statute, a notary public Esher has the right to perform other statutory duties. These include conveyancing, drawing up contracts, and probate. He or she may also be involved in preparing wills. Apart from these particular cases, a notary is considered to be an impartial entity. Hence, he or she is supposed to be representative of both parties. Further, a notary can also be entrusted with the responsibility of preparing powers of attorney.

Identification Documents Required by a Notary Kingston

A notary public Kingston must be provided with several identification documents to perform authentication of notarial acts. This is a compulsory requirement for the process, depending on the discretion and satisfaction of the notary in charge. Some of the acceptable documents for identification are as follows:

1. Driving Licence (The document should carry a photograph of the applicant)
2. Current Passport.
3. Other Relevant Documentation (May include Employee’s Card or Bus Pass, Bearing a Photograph)

If the legal formalities are being carried out for a company and not an individual, then the documentation for the authenticating official must be presented to the notary Esher. It bears testimony that the company has recruited the official to act on the company’s behalf. Hence, a copy of the document must be printed on company letterhead paper authenticated by the director/ secretary of the company. Alternatively, the official can also produce a certified copy of a board minute that documents the appointment of the official/officials to represent the company and sign on its behalf. If no such minute exists, a responsible notary Surrey may have to be present at a board meeting of the company. A relevant out-of-office attendance arrangement can be made at the cost of an extra fee.

Consultation and Documentation

Usually, a notary possesses the power to attest or certify any document at the very first appointment. Prior appointments are required when there is a requirement for document preparation. At the time of such an appointment, all necessary documentation, such as letters from legal consultation abroad, must be produced. This assists in dealing with any primary outline requirements related to the certification/attestation during the first session of the interview. Further appointments may be required if any document needs preparation or amendment. Such an appointment must be presided by a notary Kingstonto make sure that correct and verified documentation, along with necessary appendages, are correctly attached.


Usually, all notarial fees are calculated on an hourly rate. Hence, it depends on the end-to-end amount of time spent by the notary at concluding a particular matter. The hourly charge may be supplied to the client on request. Further, the fees are also inclusive of the count of documents being attested/certified as well as the count of signatories that require attestation/certification. Fee rates charged by every repute and trusted notary in Surrey are reviewed at regular intervals every year. These rates have to abide by the guidelines issued by The Notaries Society. A per the rules, the fees must be affordable and fair as per the specifications of the case. The costs can factor in additional charges to accommodate significant variables in a particular case, such as complexity, speed, or implementation of specialised knowledge.


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