What Are and Why Do We Need Public Notaries?

Public notaries are always in huge demand. With the changing times, people’s need for notary services has also changed drastically. They are public officers, appointed by the Secretary of the State, who act as third parties to witness the recording and signing of documents. This way, they provide an essential service by authenticating critical documents.

Be it for closing on the home or opening an account after retirement, people hire the notary service because their consent is highly essential to get a power of attorney. The other legal documents that you can get notarized are as follows –

• Estates
• Law wills and testaments
• License
• Contracts
• Affidavits
• Deeds
• Loan documents
• Trusts
• International business documents

What does a Notary Public do?

Their responsibility ranges from administering oaths to providing affirmations. They also protest against notes or bills of exchange, undertake statutory declarations and provide notices for foreign drafts.

• At first, they check if the transaction between the two parties involved is valid. None of the parties should fall at a disadvantage.
• Next, they verify their claims through photo identification and take fingerprints from the person who will sign the document.
• They ask for evidence for the attested matters, even if they are referred to or confirmed by any national authority. This way, they ensure the validation of the document.
• Further, they also check if the whole process is forceful. They will verify the signatures along with the content. They oversee the signee’s willingness before they proceed entirely.
• After all the verification and assurance is complete, the notary public gives the stamp of approval, and the document becomes legally binding.

Availing services from the public notary is, therefore, very important and efficient for all. They deliver unbiased solutions for their high accountability. Before being appointed to the position, they also obtain a bond of surety in case of any purposeful neglect or deception. Henceforth, they can easily recoup all the losses that they incurred.

The benefits of consulting a Notary Public

It is the simplest way to get validation for all your documents in the eyes of the law. The advantages are as follows –

• Ease to enter into contracts
• Get document authentication and execution from a high-level official
• Avoid falling prey to fraudulent activities
• Prepare powers of attorney without fail

At Peter Long Notary Public, we perform specific and relevant legal documentation and formalities. Book a prior appointment with us to avail of our service. Our charges are based on an hourly rate.