A Glimpse On The Services Charged By Notaries

A notary is a government recognized dedicated third party who, with no interest whatsoever, can be named in a legal document, without any kind financial interest in the matter. Although, this does not mean that the service is entirely free of cost.

The job of a notary is simple – the party has to appear before him or her, provide proper documents of identification and sign it in his or her presence.

Notaries are not at all invested in the document’s content, but will definitely look for the blank areas that need to be duly filled for completing the formalities.

In the notary journal, on the other hand, they will note down the type of document appealed for, the identity proofs provided and the date and time. Once the documents are signed, they will stamp as well as certify, provided the notary language is correctly used.

Every district and county has different policies as well as procedures in regards to the notary public and their services. It is imperative to know that these services provided by the notaries are chargeable. In this informative, you will come across different types of Notary services , the professionals charge for.

Services Charged For By Notaries

1. Notorisation

Speaking in general, notaries can charge a stipulated amount per signature of jurats and acknowledgement. If the party submits a 20-page document with 16 lines for signature but only requires to be signed by the notary, then charge for only one signature will be levied. Beware of the unscrupulous notaries who charge for every signature they do, even the ones that are not required.

2. Affirmations and Oaths

Generally considered as a part of the jurats like affidavit, they can also be independent from any other paperwork of notary. Notary can charge for each affirmation and oath administered for every applicable document.

3. Copies

Notaries certify copies of specific documents with specific fees. The notary must have the original document always and another other copy for comparison. Many notaries make their own copies and then compare with the original before certification.

4. Travel

When a notary travels for a job, he or she charges for traveling to that location. Although in many cases the charges are preset, but for special ones they are discussed with the signing party.

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